US Soldiers Kill Indian Chief

Thanks to the victory of Lake Erie, Perry could take Harrison’s soldiers over into Canada. Here they fought the battle of the Thames, beating the British and Indians, and killing the dreaded Tecumseh. This chief, as you may remember, was the principal leader of the Indians, so when he fell they were ready, to give up the struggle.

Before dying in Canada, however, Tecumseh had gone south to stir up the Creek Indians in Alabama. As they did not seem inclined to rebel, they made Tecumseh very angry. He finally cried: “Your blood is white. You have taken my red sticks and my talk, but you do not mean to fight. I know the reason; you do not believe the Great Spirit has sent me. You shall believe it! I will leave directly and go straight to Detroit. When I get there, I will stamp my foot upon the ground and shake down every house in Toock–a–batcha!” The Indians, somewhat awed by this threat, counted the days after his departure, and when an earthquake took place one night shortly after, they rushed wildly out of their dwellings, crying: “Tecumseh is at Detroit; we feel the stamp of his foot!”

After this, and the appearance of a comet which also terrified them, they no longer dared disobey Tecumseh’s orders, and, rising up, they murdered the garrison at Fort Mimms. To punish them for this cruel massacre of men, women, and children, General Jackson soon after met and defeated the Creeks at Horseshoe Bend. So many savages were slain in this battle that the rest were glad to lay down their arms and beg for peace.